Data and

Who do you want to
communicate with?


Whether you have uploaded your own customer data or purchased a prospect list from us Touchpoint allows you to manage your data easily and efficiently.


De-duplicate your lists and clean them against deceased and gone-away files to minimise waste. Analyse your customers and prospects using the graph and mapping tools to segment your data and view their locations.


Apply filters to select the ideal targets for your campaigns. There are no minimum or maximum limits to the size of
your campaigns.


What do you want to say?


Touchpoint comes complete with a range of attractive templates for direct mail and email marketing for you to use if you do not have your own
creative team.


Alternatively upload your own creative which will then be personalised for each of your customers
and prospects.


Centralised marketing functions can set up brand compliant templates for subsidiary offices to use in local
area marketing.


How do you want to communicate?

Maximise the impact and performance of your campaigns by utilising a mix of direct marketing channels. Set up direct mail, email and SMS campaigns to land at specific intervals. Touchpoint significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of dealing with different suppliers for each channel.


  • Touchpoint provides high quality digital print and post for less than the price of
    a stamp.

  • Send out all types of personalised mail piece from a simple postcard to letters and more complex multi-part mailings.

  • Set the exact date you want your mailing to go out.


  • Whether you are sending regular emails as part of your CRM activities or email marketing to new prospects, Touchpoint provides a cost effective email delivery platform.

  • Set the timing of your email broadcast to compliment and reinforce the message of your direct mail campaign.
    There are no minimum or maximum volume constraints.


  • Follow up your mail and email campaigns with a well-timed SMS message to reach customers or prospects wherever
    they are.

  • SMS typically exceeds a 90% open rate and is perfect for sending reminders about events, appointments etc.


How did your
campaign do?

After your campaign has gone out you will want to know how it has performed. Touchpoint gives you graphical feedback for each channel with detail on delivery rates, open rates and click through rates.

Bounced emails and unsubscribe requests and any undelivered direct mail items are reported to enable you to keep customer records up to date and your prospect lists clean.